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About Us:

Our Company has specialized in the making of fine Bavarian custom furniture and residential millwork for over 100 years. The qualification of our company is rooted in the traditional training of our staff through master cabinetmakers, in the German cabinet making apprentice style. This gives you the assurance that only highly qualified staff are producing your furniture with care and knowledge. We have many international customers and our products are made available around the world.

We carry an astonishing selection of custom furniture for the residential market, such as rural style Bavarian cabinets, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture, breakfast nooks and their complimenting tables.  We also carry dining room sets and custom fitted alcove dinettes, ranging from Traditional to Contemporary.


In our architectural millwork section we specialize in the fabrication and installation of “Bauernstuben” (sections of rooms, or entire rooms built in an authentic, rich Bavarian rural country style, with highly detailed millwork and furniture components).  Also, the fabrication and installation of ceiling and wall-paneling, integrated wall units, bedroom, living room and guest rooms is available.

All of our furniture is made from carefully selected solid wood with the vast majority being harvested from the mountain forests nearby. We are able to produce our furniture in any desired wood species, with any finish of your choice. 

We offer other specialties to our furniture and/or components such as personalized rural painting done through local artists, special rural carving and the production of furniture with antique solid spruce.


Every piece of wood is carefully hand picked, custom dried in our kiln and prepared for further production in our plant. We are located in the heart of the upper Bavarian country. This area, the area of the “Berchtesgadener Land”, is located between Lake Chiemsee and Salzburg. The Berchtesgadener Land is world renown for its quality craftsmanship and the design of outstanding, beautiful countrified furniture.

With this range in styles and materials, the possibilities are practically endless. Cabinetry Franz Schallinger features the finest quality and design in Bavarian style furniture and millwork.




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